Get your band saw machine running at optimum performance...

Band saw tires improve the proper performance of any band saw machine. It helps keep the band saw blade from rubbing against the band wheel making your blade last longer and keeping your machine running at maximum efficiency. Band saw tires come in two different types depending on the type of material they are manufactured from - Rubber or Urethane. Although rubber tires are cheaper and does the job you wanted it to do, it does not last longer and requires you to take additional steps when installing and removing, like putting on adhesives to make it stick to the rim. Urethane tires has the better advantage as it outlasts the rubber in terms of durability and provides a much easier installation and removal.

Band Saw Parts offers urethane tires at a cheap price. We carry a full inventory of Urethane tires at different sizes ranging from 10 inches to 20 inches, and rubber tires from 6 inches up to 42 inch sizes. Call us at 800-240-2932 or visit our website and save up to 40% on your aftermarket band saw replacement parts.

Urethane Tires Prices

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